Watched the Selfie pilot and... erm...

Recharging my introvert batteries in my bedroom and I couldn't feel better.

But I'm not here to talk about me, exactly, but about Selfie.
Ms. Amy Pond Karen Gillan made the leap and crossed the Atlantic Ocean to go live in LA. It's absurdly odd to hear her that she doesn't drive (and apparently hasn't learned yet), and she's living in the US. Yeah yeah she has drivers and choffeurs, and assistants but still.

So I saw all these adverts about the new sit-com, plus Jennifer Morrison's 'facies', plus cute Gillan herself. I finished the Doctor Who era that she was part of, and although I have said already that I didn't really like her character, there were some episodes that were crazy enjoyable, and she is very talented.

I mainly wanted to watch Selfie to find out if she was going to play someone very different from Amy, and I think, from herself. Sadly, I wasn't surprised.

Firstly, Selfie lacks originality. It's New Girl meets Ugly Betty meets Confessions of a Shopaholic meets a bit of Amy Pond. And to add to this mess, they make it hip and modern with all the internet lingo, and newly created worries, urban tribes, virtual tribes, fake cyber friends, morales, and viral nonsense.

I knowww I sound super mean, but that's how it came accross to me. It also seemed that they were trying to hard to make it look awesome and they crammed lots of things in those 23 minutes.

I take it all back!

lol, not really. Overall I enjoyed it, but it was really a shame to see the show is just a sum of situations and conversations I am familiar with.

I also DVRed Un-tag my heart which is episode 2. I hope it conveys a different vibe, and that it separates itself from all these previous TV series. I'm sure Karen's efforts to enter the US market must have been huge (just as David Tennant's with Gracepoint, which hasn't been successful at all. Sigh), and I only hope it all goes well. My fingers are crossed for her.
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