Rose, I am back....

It is with the utmost excitement that I officially announce I've finally watched all of Doctor Who, from 2005 to 2014.

It wasn't an easy job, nor something that you can achieve in a couple of weeks. It actually took me five months to watch, fangirl, cry, obsess, hate, jump, scream, laugh, admire, feel inspired, and feel bored even, to get into the Doctor Who world.

It has even given me nightmares a couple of times. I don't really recall if it happened with Christopher Eccleston or David Tennant's episodes, but I can safely say that some of Matt Smith, and Peter Capaldi's have given me bad dreams.

But, all in all, it has given me so much more. It has given me a new perspective in terms of tremendous acting, of good-quality TV shows, of British productions, and of crazy screenwriting that I could not even conceive if I was on LSD and shrooms all at once. Honestly, the incredible imagination that these people have and how they make it seem like it makes sense astounds me.

And then there was Rose

My main goal while I was going through Series 5, which, to be honest was the most disappointing of them all,  was to hurry up and finish with it all so I could start all over again. It was my main motivation for a while, after I finally succumbed to Matt Smith's charms. Then, of course, the gorgeous and crazy talented Jenna Coleman came along and it made everything so much better.

The transition from Matt Smith to Capaldi wasn't as catastrophic as letting David Tennant go, so that was awesome too.

But now that I finally finished, I'm grinning just as much as Rose Tyler is because, I'M STARTING THE SHOW ALL OVER AGAIN.

And I'm this much excited because now that I know what the story is about, and how things will develop, I'll be able to pay attention to the dialogues more, to the jokes, the nuances, the little details, and I'll get to appreciate the acting of everyone involved even more. In other words, I CANNOT wait to watch Billie Piper's Rose again. And I'm watching the Doctor Who Confidential episodes as well. At least the ones I find.

And then there was Once Upon a Time

Before I finish with this entry, I need to finally let this out of my system, after some weeks of pondering over my thoughts about my ONCE adored show.

I really wish I didn't have to say this, but I cannot deny it anymore.

I remember how magical it was to watch the first season episodes. I felt this rush inside me, wondering how they were going to lift the curse, and how Emma would finally believe she was the savior. Then came Season 2, with the curse lifted and everyone remembering who they were. August sent the postcard to Neal, and now all these new developments were going to affect their lives and change them. A possible happy ending together with the father of her child was in the near future.

And then it started spiralling downwards. I rewatched all Season 3 before the fourth one started, and I wanted to confirm my fears. Unfortunately, I still felt the same after watching it again. The Neverland part was more logical and well structured than I thought, but I was already pissed off about how they were pushing the Emma/Neal story away.

And then came Oz, which was a complete disaster in my humble opinion. It was so disorganized, so disengaged from the true, original characters, adding plots that weren't really necessary (like the 4 witches and Dorothy or some parts of Zelena's story, and Robin Hood that didn't really add up to the story).

Season 4 has been just average. The showrunners have been poisoned by what fans want to see, and they forgot how rich, and important their core characters are. Emma Swan's story from episode 4 in current Storybrooke was so lame, and poor. She just fought a monster and said to Regina: "I'm home, I found my parents", which in other words means "no character development for Jennifer Morrison".

This show has nowhere to go anymore. I just hope with all my heart that they finish it with this season. I already want to see Jennifer in other projects where she can explore her acting in new ways.

And they lived happily ever after...
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