A year ago, I didn't know who David Tennant was...

At the bottom of that photo says Domingo 16. That is Sunday the 16th of February, 2014.

The day before I found out by pure coincidence that they were holding a Shakespeare festival here in Buenos Aires to mark the 450 years of his birth.

I remember Maaike mentioning Doctor Who and talking about David Tennant. Or was it I who told her that they were screening this play from The RSC and she couldn't stop talking about him?

I honestly can't remember. I just know that I had to rush to the place where they were screening the play and pray that they had a seat for me. You needed to sign up for all of the activities for this Festival, and since I had known about it the day before, I couldn't sign up.

But there were seats. And there I was, watching this man for the first time. He was the first actor in this huge Shakespeare play, in this iconic place, with such marvelous artists all around him.

That was the moment. Right there. I could (obviously) understand half of the play, but there was magic in that stage and his performance glowed. There was something special about him. Something that made me pay my full attention to him at all times.

I went back home to talk to Maaike and tell her that the play had been fantastic. That's when she told me about Much Ado About Nothing. That's when I got to know who Catherine Tate was. That's when she told me I should give Doctor Who a go.

And I gave the show a go.

And I was utterly amazed. And that's when I knew that before Catherine and David had been on Much Ado, they had been Doctor and Companion. And that's when I rushed through all the Doctor Who episodes to see the perfect characters that they both were (and that's when I got to see Billie Piper's and Christopher Eccleston's superb talents).

And then came all the rest. Then came all the rest of shows, all the rest of hilarious sketches, all the rest of talk shows, interviews, but most of all the admiration.

And now I'm here. It's been one year. That day of 2014 presented itself as a clear path. It showed me that I had to take the long road to get to where I wanted. This ride has been incredible... and I can't wait for the rest.
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