Hamlet, by The Globe Theatre

Once again. It's time to be grateful.

It's time to say: "Hey, I know I'm not there yet, but I've come a long damn way". It's also time to say something like this: "Thank you. Thanks Buenos Aires. Thanks Argentina..."

Shakespeare Sunday was absolutely perfect.

I knew what I was going to see, and I was ready for it. I was more than ready, to be honest. Thanks to Maaike and Maressa who bought me A Midsummer Night's Dream performed at The Globe, plus all those other performances I have watched online via Digital Theatre, I was familiar with what kind of acting I was going to see, how long it was going to be, and how magnificent it was going to sound.

I had forgotten about one thing though. They play instruments and sing songs at the beginning, before the intermission, and at the end. So when we got there these guys were just playing the accordion, violin, that percussion thing he's holding (no idea what it's called).

The guy in white shirt is Hamlet and he did a wonderful job, and so did the rest.

I took my MP3 player with me to record my favorite parts. I knew (kind of knew) when they were coming because I watched David Tennant's Hamlet last night to get familiar with the story........ once again.

Although I tried my best, I don't know why they moved 'To be or not to be' to another part of the play. I mean, in Tennant's Hamlet, it happens before the actros arrive. In this one, it's after they arrive to Hamlet's castle. It was really strange and the difference might be in the Folio or Quarto versions. Who knows?

I loved the theatre too, because it was kind of like The Globe. And I was in ROW ONE. I know lots of people hate it, and I actually didn't get to pick my seat, but I was almost right in front. I was the ultimate groundling so to speak.

Since my path towards discovering my talents and my love of acting is just starting (it has been starting for the last 10 years), I really wanted to be next to them, to see, and analyze every move, to hear their words more clearly, to see their faces, how they gesticulated, etc.

I paid special attention to Ophelia and Hamlet, just to know how they were going to don their lines, and characters.

It was a true joy. I couldn't have asked for anything better.

That's why I want to say I'm grateful again. And again. And again. I haven't regretted coming to live to Argentina for a single second. Quite the opposite. I am the happiest person here, and even though it took me some time (and it still takes time) to actually realize the amount of things I can do here, and well... eventually succeed, I know I am taking small steps and that keeps my heart and my soul at peace.

Today's play was truly an inspiration. It made me cry twice, when I realized I was really sitting there, watching these guys give such awesome performances.

It was an inspiration and it keeps me going. It's like fuel to me, energy, power to move me inside, and to push me even harder. I still need to work tons... and I can't wait for that!
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