Yesterday I went to watch the musical The Three Musketeeers.

One of my musical theatre teachers was part of it. He had a small role, but nonetheless, he was part of the show.

I wanted to go because, as he told us one day, we have to attend shows to be able to experience what goes on, how the performance is done, how the lighting works, how the songs sound, etc.

So, I said to myself that I had to buy the ticket and go see him perform. He was Cardinal Richelieu and although he did a good job, there were so many things that I saw that I need to write down.

I cannot forget what I saw last night. Because it all serves for the great goal.

It was a pain in the behind

I gotta say first that I was having really high expectations towards this musical. I don't know why. Perhaps because he was in it, and also because the price of the ticket was quite high, I thought that the show was going to be better.

They will only perform it three times, and I don't know why I think that this made the whole thing worse. They probably didn't rehearse much and you could totally notice that.

  • Many of them forgot their lines.

  • The sound guy forgot to turn off mics of some of the actors.

  • A girl singing didn't start right. She did well, but it didn't sound good at first.

  • No set design whatsoever. It was all black, and they'd change places with lights. That was it.

They started late and at one point, I just couldn't bear it anymore.

It just proves that it is not easy. It's not enough if you just want to go on a stage and sing, and act. There's so much more into that. You really need to study your lines, know how you are going to convey the meaning. The subtext, how you'll engage the audience with what you say and sing.

Some of them sang beautifully (almost all of them, honestly), but some of them lacked that bit where you do it because you're telling the story, not because you want to show everyone how good you are.

It's a challenge. It requires a lot of sacrifice, a lot of rehearsals, a lot of commitment, and studying.

You see?
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