One more of *those* weeks gone...

It's officially March 1 here.

February is now gone, and with it the last seven days that I lived in the presence of wonderful people, including old friends, new ones, and others who I thought I would never run into in my life.

I was lucky enough -once more I must say- to participate quite actively in this year's Shakespeare Festival. The weeks leading up to it were just adding more and more excitement to my heart and my head. I had waited a total of 365 days or so to be able to be part of this and share my love and respect towards this actor/playwright called William Shakespeare.

I have always felt strongly attached to his work, but now that I have so much 'exposure' to it, and since every year they have all these activities related to his life and his plays, I couldn't help but dig deeper and deeper.

To be honest, my life has changed so much this last year. Musical theatre, last year's Shakespeare Festival, my trip to the Netherlands and Rome, David Tennant and Doctor Who, leaving Once Upon a Time behind, as well as not spending so much time on the internet doing nothing, really.

Musical theatre was a very huge turning point, because it opened my eyes. It opened my eyes not only to that fascinating world, but also made me realize that I want to work harder, and that I HAD to work harder if I really wanted to do better and be the best.

This past November I started going regularly to the library to study theatre. I decided to start with theatre history, and so far I've gone through cavemen, Egypt, the Greeks, Romans, Middle Ages, Rennaissance Italy (including commedia dell'arte). And those trips are more and more enriching, and every time I go, I just want to go for longer periods of time, and learn it all.

This is the view from the 5th floor. It couldn't be more beautiful and more inspiring.

These past few days I left the book aside and started reading John Dover Wilson, who wrote a sort of biography of Shakespeare according to what we all know and the information that remains until today.

I also read The Two Gentlemen of Verona before watching the performance from the Royal Shakespeare Company from last year. This was such a great thing, because Sarah MacRae was in it. Sarah was Hero on David Tennant's and Catherine Tate's Much Ado About Nothing. She's also on The Globe's A Midsummer Night's Dream. So knowing that I would see a familiar face, but also that I knew that she was going to do a great job, I couldn't wait to see it. Again, she didn't disappoint me. And it was great to be able to tell her on Twitter, as well as reading her reply (yes, she made me cry).

That was on Saturday the 21st. Sunday I visited the Anglican Cathedral to listen to a musical ensemble who played renaissance instruments while someone was reading some lines of Shakespeare, including "What light is light if Silvia be not seen?" from Two Gents. It was again so overwhelming that I cried.

Michael Pennington

Then, the day came when this legend and master of the craft and Shakespeare came to Buenos Aires. He's 'worked with the Bard' for more than 50 years, founded the English Shakespeare Company, has played Romeo, Richard II, King Lear, Timon of Athens...

This magnificent person was coming to have a chat with 50 lucky people who could sign up and get a ticket to enter.

I wasn't one of them.

However, there are always free spots because some people can't go, and I decided to arrive as early as possible to be able to get a way in. And I did. The woman to my right on that photo above was my angel. She wanted to smuggle me in, but I told her I preferred to wait until I got permission to enter. When I did, she raised her hand, and showed me a free seat, a seat next to her that she had saved for me.

I had studied the days before, so I could ask a question to Mr. Pennington when the time came: Which is the most underrated character of Shakespeare's plays? It was a great question, and his answer even better yet: Timon of Athens. The hour went by really quickly, but it was truly enjoyable.

And Friday was the most important day of them all. It was the day when Michael Pennington was going to perform his Sweet William. A solo play that combined his own view of Shakespeare's life, intertwined with the soliloquies, and conversations between his characters.

There were moments when everyone was so quiet. He was mesmerizing. And as he told the Bard's story, I could totally recognize names, and dates, and things that happened because I had read them those past few days. It was a beautiful feeling.

This week has been an unbelievable one. My strength and my energies have been recharged. I met a new friend. I pasted my Globe postcard on my closet mirror, and musical theatre will be starting very soon. I know I am not 100% ready, but I am certainly MORE READY than before.

I am literally speechless. I still cannot believe all this happened. I can't believe it.

PS: something I'll always remember. When we were at the line to enter the room for the chat with Michael Pennington, I met this really nice, kind lady. When we said goodbye at the end, she said: "May all the good things bloom from within you" - todas las cosas buenas, que de ti florezcan.
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